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Rules of 11/16/11 Empty Rules of 11/16/11

Post  StormyMeerkat on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:09 pm

1. Be kind to everyone. If you have to fight, don't fight on the roleplay boards.
2. No fantasy like meerkats... no laser eyes, ect. However, colors other than gold are okay, but nothing too far out there, for example, pink neon and white dotted kat's. Go to a fantasy site for that.
3. No powers.
4. Don't play another person character without permission.
5. You cannot seriously harm or kill another meerkat without permission.
6. Only one dramatic event can occur per group a day (exp. Hawk, Jackal, dominance fight, group and group fights) rovers are okay, as long as they don't too cause trouble.
7. Once pups are born, they cannot be adopted until they are a week old. Until they turn a week old, these pups can be killed by anyone without your permission.
8. Meerkats have on an average 2-5 pups. The maximum pups a character can have is 7, though that is rare. The female could die if she had more pups than that.
9. Before creating a new group, contact the admin first.
10. No powerplay or godmode.
11. Don't post personal info- there's creepy people on the internet.


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